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Author: James B. Robson

It is exciting for me to share my extensive experience with you. A psychology major, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University, in Pennsylvania. After working for a year, I returned to graduate school. Two years later I graduated with a Master of Education Degree, in Counseling, from Lehigh University. For nearly 30 years I have had the pleasure of working directly with college students in a variety of institutions of higher learning.

I have attended and/or worked in large and medium sized public universities and a community college, as well as small and medium sized private colleges. My duties over the years have included roles as Dean of Student Engagement, National Director of Student Regulatory Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Freshman and Sophomore Students, Academic Advisor, First-year Seminar Instructor, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Orientation Coordinator, Area Coordinator, Hall Director, and Admissions Recruiter. Thus, this book is written from a broad range of college experiences to appeal to most students regardless of their choice of college.

What may be even more interesting, or possibly somewhat demented, is that I actually lived in residence halls for eighteen years of my life. Thus, I know first-hand the positives and negatives of on-campus living.  I also know some inside secrets that could help you decide whether or not campus housing is for you.
My new guide, Beginning College 101, is full of insider secrets. Not just things that I have read, but tangibles that I have utilized, witnessed, or discovered during my lifetime. For instance, as a Division I college athlete, I learned first-hand how important goal setting strategies and time-management skills were for achieving success. As a martial arts student and instructor, I gained incredible insight into wellness, personal safety, and stress reduction. In my several roles as Dean, and as an Academic Advisor, I have helped a plethora of students discover their career and life’s direction.

In all of the college positions that I have held over the years, I have tried to coach students to be the best they could be. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of helping thousands of students during my many years of college service. Students seeking help from me have had a broad range of personal and academic issues. Some of those issues have included financial distress, homesickness, selecting or changing a major, roommate conflict, time management, improving a poor GPA, relationships and break-ups, alcohol and drugs, goal setting, study skills, racism and bias, job interviewing, internships, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and many others.

Throughout the guide I share my experience with you, unveil secrets and strategies, and offer unique insights to help you improve your chances of being successful. Reaching your college potential means also reaching out to discover your life’s potential. By setting obtainable goals and putting in the work you will have the best chance of reaching your dreams. I am honored to become one of the many coaches you will encounter on your life’s journey.
College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 JB Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Website: JB Robson Designs

College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 J.B. Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Website J.B. Robson Designs

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