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Beginning College 101:
Things My guidance Counselor Never Mentioned

For nearly 30 years "Dean" Robson has been helping college students adjust to their new college environment, overcome personal, academic and financial challenges and determine the direction of their lives. During that time Mr. Robson has gained unique exposure having worked in large and small public and private higher educational college systems. In those institutions, he has held a variety of roles including Dean of Students, Dean of Student Engagement,  Academic Dean of First-Year Student, National Director of Student Regulatory Affairs, Academic Advisor, Classroom Instructor, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Orientation Coordinator, Training and Development Coordinator, Residence Hall Cooridinator, and Admissions Recruiter. Mr. Robson, holds a Master degree in Education Counseling, and a higher level blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do martial arts.
Throughout his career, Mr. Robson has assisted thousands of students in their pursuit of success in college and life. His students have gone into a variety of career paths such, as doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, college administrators, teachers, scientists, psychologists, journalists, entrepreneurs, skilled technicians, graphic artists, animators, fashion designers, and many other successful careers. Now you can take advantage of James B. Robson's wealth of experience and again valuable insider secrets, tips and strategies that few other students will learn. In his book, Mr. Robson will show you how to:
·        Select the best major
·        Improve your grade point average
·        Reduce and manage stress
·        Choose a smart class schedule
·        Develop a personal study plan
·        Understand the Pros and Cons of campus living
·        Set ground rules with a roommate
·        Quickly increase friendships
·        Consider important factors surrounding dating and
·        Discover hidden costs of college
·        Better understand financial aid
·        Search for scholarships
Don't Go to College Without a Guide
BEGINNING COLLEGE 101: Things My Guidance Counselor Never Mentioned
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College Beginnings
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College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 J.B. Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
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