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Avery thought she was ready for college. Her friends and family had given her great advice about a major in computers. They told her everyone gets a job with computers as a major. Unfortunately, Avery didn't get to take an actual computer class until her third semester. Instead, she was advised to take her core clases and several math classes that were prerequisites for her major.  She finally realized that her major was not something she even wanted to be doing especially as her life's career. To change things was scary but to stay in the major was scarier to her. Avery had to quickly scramble to choose a new major hoping to not have wasted too much time going in a direction that wasn't for her. This is not a unique story but if Avery had read Beginning College 101 first, she might have selected a major that she enjoyed before finding herself having to change majors and being behind on her graduation timeline.

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Beginning College 101 is packed with stategies and tips to help new college students.
College Beginnings
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College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 J.B. Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
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