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Beginning College 101 is....

Learn...why studying in college differs from high school, who to seek out when you need help, how to set meaningful goals and easliy manage your time effectively,  why you may not want your best friend as a roommate, stratagies for achieving better grades, the myth of the best major, what factors go into picking classes, how to ensure you're on target to graduate on time, and much, much more.

Part I
Residence Hall and Commuter Living

There are pros and cons to commuting verus being a resident student. If you choose to commute there are some things you may want to ask from your college. Similarly, if you choose to live on campus, there are expectations the college will have for you. Learn how to get the most out of your college experience including how to set ground rules with a roommate, what rules are important and who to go to when you need help. In addition, find out how to strech the size of your dorm room and what you should and shouldn't bring to campus.

Part II
Social Connections

While new college students are eager to do well academically, one of the first things I hear from students, who are contemplating leaving, is that they haven't made any friends. In this section of the guide you will be given insight into how to negotiate more freedoms with your parents, how to make new friends while keeping connected with old friends, and learn important facts about dating, relationships and sex. Learn why and how to get involved on campus, gain insight into alcohol and drug choices and the importance of embracing differences.

Part III
Academics and Time Management

Doing well academically can lead to enhanced scholarship opportunities, graduate school acceptance, internships and other meaningful accolades. The best way to be successful is to put a plan together. In this guide you will learn how to develop a meaningful study plan, factors to consider when declaring a major, how to pick the best classes, how to manage your time effectively, and how to set goals and graduate on-time. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll find a wealth of other strategies and tips that will help you to be better prepared and more in control of your own destinty, including internships and study abroad opportunities.
Part IV
Money Matters

In this section learn all about financial aid including federal, state and institutional awards, scholarship search tips and resouces, what it really costs to attend college beyond tuition and how to budget for your expenses (things expected and unexpected). Get insight into how private colleges attempt to level the playing field when comparing costs with state colleges. Learn why you should  complete a FASFSA, even if when your parents make too much money to qualify.  Learn strategies for saving money on books and how to balance the need to work and the need make time for school work.

Part V
Wellness for Life

Paying attention to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs can help you to stay balanced as you are striving to reach your college and life goals. This section is full of tips and strategies for taking control of you. Being honest with yourself about where your attention to you is at the moment can help you determine the impact of all of the tips this section of the book presents. Find out about the dreaded "freshman 15" and how to prevent it. Get helpful strategies for reducing stress and useful techniques for combating test anxiety.  Learn why being fit is even more important now than ever, and how to determine your path forward through college and beyond for real happiness in life.

Beginning College 101:
Things My Guidance Counselor Never Told Me

My goal in writing this guide was to help students get the best start they could, regardless of what college or university they chose to attend. There is so much great info in Beginning College 101, that students should surely find something important that they didn't know. Many of the tips and strategies can be used even before a student sets foot on a campus. Wouldn't it be great to learn how to develop a study plan that works? Or, how to quickly increase friends on campus? And, why not learn how to repair your grade point average if you get a bad grade in something? The truth is that this guide is packed with helpful time-tested information, strategies and suggestions to help students make the most out of their college experience.  

Don't Go to College Without a Guide
BEGINNING COLLEGE 101: Things My Guidance Counselor Never Mentioned
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College Beginnings
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College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 J.B. Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
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