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College Costs...
Wait, I Owe What?

Paying college tuition can be expensive. Unfotunately, there are a whole lot of other expenses that also cost money in College.
In addtion to tution, and housing and meal plans there are still many more expenses to pay in college. In this section of the guide, learn all about  financial aid, scholarship search tips, working on or off campus, and some hidden costs connected to attending college.

I have heard from some students that they never bothered to apply for financial aid, because a friend or relative told them that they wouldn’t qualify. Although these students may sometimes be correct in their assumption, they are often wrong. The only way that you will ever know for sure is to apply. It also often pays to search, and apply, for non-traditional sources of “scholarship” aid.
TIP #1
Complete the FAFSA
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (affectionately known as FAFSA) is used not only to calculate federal aid, but also state and institutional aid. The form is free. You can submit this form beginning October 1st prior to the upcoming school year. Dom't wait. Sooner can be better for several reasons. For more info visit the Office of the Dept. of Ed's. Federal Student Aid website at

TIP #2
Private Colleges May Offer More $
At first glance, a private college’s tuition may seem out of reach in comparison to a state college or university. This is not always the case. In fact, private colleges are often able to level the playing field by offering merit and institutional need-based scholarships to many of their in-coming students. Do not limit your applications to only state institutions--you may be surprised by the amount of aid available from a private college.  It is definitely worth applying to private colleges and talking with their admissions and financial aid representatives.

Source: Chapter 21, Page 103
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College Beginnings
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College Beginnings
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