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Living on Campus
Why Students Choose to Live on Campus

There's a lot to be said for convenience

As a first-year student, living in a residence hall allows you constant access to your peers. This is immensely helpful for developing friendships. It is also helpful for studying since many of your fellow classmates also live with you. If you have a question or a problem, chances are someone on your hall can help you. Study groups are also easy to form within the hall.

In addition, having a roommate helps open up the doors to new friendships. Since both you and your roommate will usually already know some other people at the college, you will be able to increase your social circles by introducing each other to your friends.

Living in a residence hall opens up incredible cultural awareness! Unless your college only serves your local neighborhood, you will live with (and hopefully become friends with) many interesting and unique individuals from places and cultures different than your own.

In my book, Beginning College 101, I describe more great reasons to live on campus, as well as some reasons not to. It is important that you have a complete picture to make an informed choice. Thus, I have dedicated several chapters to help new residents get started on the right track. The tips and strategies in these chapters can help you to get the most out of your campus experience, while teaching you how to avoid some of the pitfalls that could lead to a miserable on campus experience.
Why Students Choose to Commute

The number one reason is $$

Lets' face it, college is expensive! If you are lucky enough to live near the college you plan to attend, it's easy to understand why you might consider commuting to school from your home. If money is tight this may be your only option. Many students commute to their college and graduate without ever having lived on campus. After 4 years of college the money you save on room and board will add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Another reason that some students choose to commute to school is parental support. Some students are not ready to give up all of the comforts being provided at home. Especially, if their parents are still doing the laundry, cooking meals and getting them up in the morning. Note: while this can be a sweet deal, it can sometimes hamper a student's ability to establish the freedoms they often seek.

In Beginning College 101 there's a chapter written just for commuter students. You may find that colleges don't always give the same attention to commuter students they do to resident students. Often support services, activities, and orientation programs are geared more toward the needs of resident students than those of commuters. In my book you can find questions to ask and strategies to help you level the playing field to ensure your needs are being met as a commuter student.
Commuter Needs

There's more to commuting than just driving back and forth to campus. Get the inside scoop on things commuter students might need and learn who to talk to if your campus doesn't provide everything listed.

All About Residence Halls

There are many positive reasons students choose to live in a residence hall, Not everything is always rosy though, so it pays to know some of the negatives too.


Roommates are often thrust together into a union of coesistance without knowing a thing about each other. You can bet that whoever your roomate is, they will not be exactly like you. This chapter is valuable in providing insight into how to live harmonioulsy with a roommate (even if you dislike each other).

What to Bring?

It's important to communicate and strategize with your roommate about how your room will look and feel throughout the year. Plus, Chapter 6 gives insight into things you need and don't need and how to make the room feel bigger.

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