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Get the inside scoop on college.
Real Strategies and Tips

Strategies, tips and insider information you can use, even before starting college.
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Beginning College 101 is packed with valuable insider information, tips, and insights for success.

Learn all about financial aid, scholarship search tips, working on or off campus, and hidden costs
Selecting Classes

In the Beginning College 101 guide you will find many helpful strategies  for selecting your class schedule.
Living on Campus?

Deciding where to live is one of the first decisons new college students make.
The Go To Guide
Learn important tips and info about dorm living, campus life, academic strategies, career tips, time managment, the social scene, money matters and much much more.

J.B. Robson has been helping college students achieve success for over 30 years. He has held many positions at a variety of higher education  institutions, with nearly 15 years in the role of Dean.

This new guide for four-year college and university students is packed with strategies, tips and insights.

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Thank you for visiting College Beginnings. Check back as more info is being added often. Feel free to contact me if you don't find what you are looking for. Also, check out Beginning College 101: Things My Guidance Counselor Never Mentioned for practical insights, strategies and tips covering a wide array of potential obstacles facing new college students.

J.B. Robson

Beginnning College 101 is COMING SOON.
In this new guide for four-year college and university students you will find 27 chapters of important information, insights, proven strategies and tips to help new college students get a jump on their college education and potential career paths.
Don't Go to College Without a Guide
BEGINNING COLLEGE 101: Things My Guidance Counselor Never Mentioned
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College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 JB Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Website: JB Robson Designs

College Beginnings
Copyright 2021 J.B. Robson, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Website J.B. Robson Designs

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